Deliverable 1.1 – Regional Expertise Hub

Deliverable 1.2- State of the Art (SOTA) Report

  • To set up the operational regional expertise hub in Malawi, which will be used to support the CEANGAL project goals and further administer the RES adoption framework in the region; 
  • Report on the SOTA of existing tools and models, identify organisational and systemic management limitations and issues facing the effective use of existing models and tools;

  • Develop a roadmap of key actions to advance SOTA and increased RES adoption.

  • Further refine end-user requirements for successful community RES projects based on previous experiences, related initiatives, funding and environmental considerations;

  • Derive the starting framework specifications and architecture for the project, the administration and operational components tools based on the potential user requirements;

  • Establish the initial validation scenarios and metrics. Identify the key operational metrics and criteria for evaluating the project solutions;

  • Development and initial refinement of CEANGAL tools.

  • Set up local contact centres to afford engagement with community stakeholders in test sites;
  • Obtain specific real-life local requirements and use to further refine outputs from WP1&2;

  • Execute integration and initial lab testing of the CEANGAL structures, framework and tools;

  • Provide an integrated project solution for field demonstration and validation activities in WP4.

  • Definition and execution of the preparatory activities prior to site demonstration;

  • Organisation of demonstration, validation activities in selected case study communities;

  • Identification of impact of project demonstration outcomes in test communities.

  • Achieve further refinement of the CEANGAL outcomes if deemed necessary post-demonstration;

  • Organise/execute training on use of the CEANGAL solutions and tools to different stakeholders;

  • Develop communication strategy, maintain and control dissemination actions to ensure maximum project concept and outcomes dissemination.

  • Achieve further refinement of the CEANGAL outcomes if deemed necessary post-demonstration;

  • Develop the CEANGAL exploitation strategy and define future business cases (post-project);

  • Provide a precise roadmap as a market strategy for the CEANGAL expansion & solutions adoption.

  • To properly manage the CEANGAL project and to ensure compliance with project scope, schedule and budget. Manage the project reporting, administrative and financial project aspects;

  • To ensure project technical management including technical planning and scientific coordination;

  • To ensure the quality of project outcomes through Quality Management mechanisms;

  • To ensure that data management, legal, ethical and gender issues are fully considered and followed.

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