CEANGAL Project Welcomes Dr Thomas Robin

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The CEANGAL project would like to welcome Dr Thomas Robin who has joined the team at the Atlantic Technological University.

Dr Robins’ area of expertise is biomass conversion into bioenergy and biomaterials. With a focus on producing biofuels and biogas using hydrothermal processing.

During his PhD at the University of Leeds, he investigated biocrude oil production via the hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae. During his postdoc in Nantes (France), he participated in an industrial project on developing of bio-bitumen binder using several technics of conversion, including hydrothermal liquefaction. While in Grenoble at the CEA (the French nuclear energy research centre), working on a European project named “Pulp and Fuel”. Hydrogen production via hydrothermal gasification was investigated from black liquor, a common waste from the paper industry. In the next stage of this project, Fischer–Tropsch process was used to produce liquid fuel from the biogas obtained previously. For the CEANGAL project Thomas will be looking at assessing the potential of the use of small scale bioenergy systems to meet the production of electricity in low income communities in Sub-Sahara Africa.

The CEANGAL project team is excited to collaborate with Dr Robin to achieve the project targets and objectives.

Dr Thomas Robin

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