CEANGAL Command knowledge Centre in Malawi

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The establishment and collaborative development of Regional Expertise Hubs (REH) located in Low-Income Countries (LIC), is a central pillar of the community-driven CEANGAL project.

What are Regional Expertise Hubs?

The regional hub serves as an engagement hub, providing dedicated support to regional communities under the geographical catchment area of the institution on all matters related to successful Renewable Energy Systems (RES) implementation.  

Composition of the Expertise Hub in Malawi 

The hub in Malawi aids the set-up of the local contact community centres, the development of training courses, and the identification of new potential communities requiring electricity access. 

The REH has been established at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS), Blantyre, Malawi by building and expanding on the competencies in RES and local development systems available in the institution. This will be achieved through collaborative research activities initially spearheaded by the local co-PI Dr Gregory Tsonga Gamula and the project lead at Atlantic Technological University, Sligo (ATU). Mr. Peter Sandula, a research officer for the CEANGAL project in Malawi, performs the executive role in the hub.

MUBAS, Malwai

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